RM 1.2 Move a resource by edit, by inline


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I have a strange behaviour in my resource manager. As admin i can do whatever i need,
as a new user in a new group with special permissions, i can edit ta resource and change the categoriy, but i cant use the inline tools.
Just this is something i want for that group, move a lot of resources just in one step.

permission edit res = edit the resource and change the group
permission? = use the inline toll for move resources

Anyway: if i dont have the permission to move, why the funktion is shown.

Is this normal beahvoiur of RM (and why?) or are there any problem with addons maybe?


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In RM 1.2, whether inline mod is shown is based on whether you have one of a number of permissions that are all moderator-level, like being able to delete or edit any resource.

I think there might be a bug in the inline moderation permission check for moving specifically. It looks like it checks the reassign permission accidentally, so granting that should resolve the issue with using the inline moderation move tool


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If i remember right, i need
add resource from user permissions
mod, see mod and two more from mod permissions

I walked through the perms and tried to switch off as many as possible.
In the source code of rm you have "move" as a perm and this is granted as long you have one(!) mod perm and edit all.
But it is not enough for moving.
In one situation you get an error after sending "move" or you see the categories, but you cant choose one.


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Create resources
Edit resources by anyone
Reassign resources
Manage tags by anyone
View moderated resources
Approve / unapprove resources

Maybe one or two are not needed, but here i have stopped to watch it later again.