Most active topics and lastes therads mod


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Hi, this is my first post in this board and i want to say...HELLO!

I plan to buy xenforo in a few weeks, but this is what I need to know:

1) I want to add on the sidebar of each thread the "most active topics in this forum" where the user can see the top topics (based on latest 15 days of views or new posts) of the forum where the thread has been posted.

2) A simple sidebar box for "latest threads" posted in the whole board.

Is there any mod/addon for these requests?

Thank you very much!


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Thanks brogan!
"latest threads" is just fine, but it seems to me that "top threads" displays the same box in the whole site.
If nobody is able to modify this addon for me for a fair price, i think i will run xforo without it anyway ;)

EDIT: i just realized that the thread title has 2 mistakes...sorry I must be tired :D


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I'm fairly sure you'll get enough help to get that sorted.
You will just need to add a sidebar to the thread view and then edit the add-on to pull threads from the specific forum and not the whole board.