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Calm Joe

Hi There

I have few more questions

While reading through the forum, I came across the demo for xenForo 2.0 promising many enhancements.
What is the current latest release, and is the new one promising all the new features coming soon? (sorry I am all new to this :) )

Media Manager:
Would I need this to embed videos in this forum (for example product demo), or is this something for more advanced functions, and if so where can I lookup the difference of a site with or without

Same for the resource manager

Thanks in advance


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The current version is 1.5.11 and is installed here.

A demo of XF2 is available here:
There is no release date as yet.

You can embed videos in posts using the default forum software - an add-on isn't required.

You can see the Media Gallery and Resource Manager in use here:

Calm Joe

Can you please tell me if there is a way for me to auto register user and auto login.
To better clarify, when a user registers on our system, we would like the user to get registered to the forum as well. Same for login

Thanks in advance

Calm Joe

If I am not mistaken, what I am looking for is what you are referring to as a bridge (please correct me if I am wrong)
I see few implementations in the link you provided me (such as xenforo SDK) that achieves what I am looking for?
Can we achove login and user registration by using HTTP or something similar ( or even directly by accessing the Mysql db) and if yes or no can you please point me to the proper resources/documentation
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