XF 1.4 "more option" editor reponsive


The editor on the bottom of the page is responsive. i would like to know how to set the "more option" in responsiv too. ( the edit more option and the "normal" more option )

or better one, with a size in %.

Can someone help me please ?
thx :)
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Chris D

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Just to clarify, are you saying that on your site, the editor as in the screenshot below, is not responsive?


As you can see here, it is by default.

This would lead me to believe that you may have a custom style that is preventing the editor from behaving correctly.
Hi, thx

i ma speaking about this one. When you click on "edit" then "more option". this editor can't be larger than a certain size. I would like to have the same comportement than the botom "post a replay" editor.


Chris D

XenForo developer
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Really, that's just the standard way that XF forms behave, they have a max-width of 800px. Changing that globally may well be problematic, but if you wanted to change it specifically on that page, you could add the following to your EXTRA.css template:
 .thread_reply .xenForm
    max-width: 100%;