Not a bug More Javascript errors on Xenforo 2 on Internet Explorer

Affected version
I know more people didn't use Internet Explorer but it should have no error on that browser.

Tried to test on Internet Explorer 8 and there are more Javascript errors there


These errors could make other JS codes on other browsers ( Safari, Firefox, Opera) work incorrecly

Can these errors be fixed in next update?

P/s: Plus one error for style -> footer of Xenforo

This is not a browser that we support at all.

IE9 and 10 would have minimal support (basically, expect core things to work but potentially degraded). IE11 would be supported (though given that Edge has replaced it now...).
Expected to be supported even lower versions of IEs (i.e IE6, IE7).
Years ago, I checked styles and JS on IE 6 and IE7
Versions like IE8+ is near Firefox version so didn't have more things to check with them.
When worked with IE 6 and IE7 then didn't care more about compatibility with other browsers.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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We officially supported IE8 and had minimal support for lower versions in XenForo 1.x.

However, given that IE8 would hold us back on things like jQuery compatibility (primarily the reason for your JS errors), and that there would need to be many changes in the style to accommodate it, it really isn't a viable browser to support anymore.

The last stable IE8 release was in 2011, so it's nearly as old as XF itself. As Mike alluded to above, we're sort of being overly generous in that we even support IE9-IE11. The combined usage share of IE8, IE9 and IE10 is less than 3%. IE11 is still a popular choice, but even then it's only around 10% and it is simply dwarfed by Firefox and Chrome usage.

In terms of official Microsoft support, only IE11is actually supported at this time.

Which, ultimately, is our suggestion. Use a browser that was developed for today, rather than 7 years ago.

If you are in a corporate environment and cannot change this, that's unfortunate. It does appear as though you're running Windows 7, at least, but that does mean it is possible to use IE9 - IE11 and these browsers are capable of emulating the rendering engine in IE8 via compatibility mode.