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anybody got any clue as to how mods will be made?

I am a developer myself, and I'd be very interested how the dev's are going to play this out out - one of the biggest problems (IMO), is that developing on software such as IPB, or VB is time consuming and difficult to get around.

I hope they implement some sort of API, which we can just plug and play with :)


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I think nobody - except Kier and Mike - will know this at this time, but I think it will be similar to the vB-Addonsystem... :eek:
I just hope they have a good (enough), addon system, like 1 click install.

The biggest problem is when you have to manually edit templates, hack/mess around with raw php core files to get an addon to work. Mods are a big part of forum software, and I think (In My Opinion), it's an area to "aim" for, as surely they'd want to get as many people developing mods for the forum right?


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If you want to scour the threads, Mike mentioned something about the plugin system being file-based and using callbacks.