modify "New Member" html tag

Ryan Kent

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I was reviewing my Google Webmaster page and they created a flag for "short meta descriptions". I have adjusted most of the ones they called out except I don't see how to adjust the ones for new members. I searched for a Phrase but did not find anything.

I would like to adjust the tag/phrase boxed in red below. Every time a new member joins that exact tag appears "<name> is a New Member at".



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member_view template
<xen:container var="$head.description">
<meta name="description" content="{$user.username} is a {xen:helper stripHtml, {xen:helper usertitle, $user}} at {$xenOptions.boardTitle}" /></xen:container>

Ryan Kent

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thank you Tikibey.

I understand how to alter Phrases. How does the xen:helper system work? Where can I go to view or modify the code related to stripHtml and usertitle?

EDIT: figured it out, thx

Ryan Kent

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Thank you ragtek!

I am not familiar enough with coding to recognize that as an issue. I was hoping to change a phrase but instead I modified the code. It works but is not ideal.