XF 2.2 Moderator log "reason" is almost always empty


Hey there.

I've noticed on many occasions that the moderator log will have an entry like "Action: Thread removed from public view (reason: )".
I know for a fact that reasons were provided on some of those occasions because I'm the person that took the action.
I consistently see the reasons showing up as expected for one particular activity - "User account rejected" - but I'm not sure it's working for anything else. Certainly not for moved/deleted threads/posts.
Is this a known bug? (Confession - we're not fully up to date.)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
In my testing (just now) for removing a thread or rejecting a user, the rejection reasons are filled in the log if they were provided:


I'm not sure why you would be seeing a different behaviour but it's possible an add-on could be involved or you may be mistaken and reasons were not actually provided.


Thanks for checking Chris.
Just to clarify, the "User account rejected" always works for us, but it had seemed to me that it was the only one that does.

I'm certain that the reason was provided in the one I removed less than an hour ago, but that particular action related to a content item belonging to a third-party add-on... so you are probably right about the add-on being to blame for that reason being empty.

Penny dropping though: I now remember that the standard deletion dialog (screenpic below was generated from the deletion button on a normal forum post) offers two text boxes containing "reasons" - the first one is perhaps the only one that ever gets logged, and it isn't available at all for a permanent deletion, while the second one gets sent to the author and (I now infer) probably never gets logged...

Now, since the text in the first box is what other moderators see when they happen upon the non-public stub left behind by the soft-deletion ("remove from public view"), I can readily understand why it's not needed for a permanent deletion.
What's not obvious to me is why the second bit of text (that is sent to the user) isn't logged. This runs somewhat contrary to what happens with a user account rejection, where the text that the user sees is what goes into the moderator log as "reason".
Is that intentional?