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Hi all

I am unable to see the moderator bar, I have checked all permissions, made myself a moderator, yet I still can't see the Reports link. When using a demo of Xenforo you can see the Reports: 0 link. If a thread is unapproved then I can see the moderation link come up, but when someone reports a post it does not come up, any idea why? I've disabled all add-ons but it still doesn't show.

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Thanks , I've read that numerous times, I have removed myself as a moderator and created myself again, yet still only the moderation queue shows up, not the reported items, please see pic in first post. Neither myself nor a moderator can see the Reported items, we can only see the moderation queue. And there are outstanding reported posts which should show up, but they don't. I have read that link over and over again and tried everything that it says, all permissions are set, I have no idea.



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Are you sending reports to a forum? If so, that disables the standard reporting system and that link.