Moderator / Admin / Report action Statistics


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Please consider to add statistics to display:
  • Moderator actions per staff member (per day/week/month)
  • Admin actions per staff member (per day/week/month)
  • Reports handled per staff member (per day/week/month)
This overview will give better insight into how active staff is and would allow staff to compare their own activity to others.

It would therefore be nice to be able to expose this data to moderators without giving them access to other logs & stats. i.e. to have a separate permission setting for it.

It would also allow addons to add their data to it. For example: support tickets handled.

Also would be nice to see this in 3rd party addons. @Xon
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I like this suggestion.

Also if anyone has any pointers on integrating into chartlist-js then I would consider writing an addon to display moderator statistics.