XF 2.1 Export moderator/admin logs?


Is there a means to export the moderator or admin logs? I can view them in ACP, but I see no means to export for analysis (which moderators are doing more/less work in a forum, which actions are occuring most often and by whom and where, etc).

The closest I can conceive is to copy the screen and paste to a spreadsheet, then begin formatting. I'd prefer something simpler if it is available. Thanks.
xf_admin_log and xf_moderator_log :)
Thank you. :) I actually should have been more specific in that I would like to save everything from the admin log, not just the part on the main page. Downloading the xf_admin_log table gives me the data that I see on the main page of the admin log, but it doesn't give me the data that I get if I click on each individual entry in the admin log. Is there a table that I can download to get that info?