XF 1.5 Moderation - Thread Location?


I suspect I know the answer to this already based on what I've found but thought I'd ask just to be sure as its driving me up the wall.

On my forum there is specific sections (nodes) which require moderation due to the amount of people posting in the incorrect section.

When looking at the mod queue I can see the user, the thread, thread contents but nowhere can I see the location of the thread so I know where everything is all good to go.

Am I missing something here?

One other thing which seems to be lacking that I can see is the ability to see what attachments users have uploaded?



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The moderation queue does not explicitly list the forum - you can click through to the thread though to see which forum it's in.

The attachment browser in the ACP will allow you to see which attachments members have uploaded: admin.php?attachments/


Thanks Brogan.

The big issue with that is where there's quite a number of threads sitting in the moderation, clicking through each one is a slight pain.

I generally wouldn't have the need to view attachments, the users can't do it themselves however?

Small little differences you don't pick up initially still extremely impressed moving over to XenForo, the speed is by far very impressive and as a whole I think a great move.

Looking forward to seeing what XenForo has planned moving forward, I was with vBulletin for many years but to be honest I think they lost touch with what was going on in the real world.