Add-on Moderation Queue Enhancements


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I've looked around and I haven't found an add-on for this yet (though if I've missed one, please point me to it =D). In that case, I'd like to suggest an add-on for a couple of enhancements to the moderation queue:
  • New "pending edits" state for posts in the moderation queue. This is helpful in case you want the post author to make edits before accepting it, but you don't want to just delete the post entirely. And it lets other moderators know that it's under review.
  • Moderation queue notes. I think that having notes attached to items in the moderator queue would also be helpful, especially in conjunction with the new state above.
  • Ability to optionally alert the post author of moderator notes on their post. Perhaps this could be delivered through an automatic PM, or somehow attach the notes to their post in question and send them an alert. But it would save a moderator the trouble of having to manually go through the steps of PMing the post author of any changes that need to be made. This would, of course, be optional, since you might want to keep some notes private.
For a bit of background, I'd find the above useful on my board since we have an area where anybody is free to submit new threads. However, we have that forum under moderation queue so we can review the content of that thread (we're a roleplay forum and this is a place where players can post IC news regarding events in the game world -- so we use the moderation queue to make sure those articles are acceptable within the boundaries of lore, cause and effect, realism, etc.). Currently, we just leave posts that need to be addressed sitting in the moderation queue since we don't want to delete or approve them and PM the thread author. However, sometimes a staff member comes along and approves the post, not realizing that there was something under review with it. The above changes would help us keep all staff on the same page with little effort, when we can't always get in touch with each other easily. It would also make it much easier and faster to get in touch with the post author regarding edits we want made.

At minimum, I'd like the first two bullets. The third bullet would be a plus. :)