Moderation Queue and Reported Items not showing


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i have one xf site where the Moderation Queue and Reported Items in header of super admin not showing.

upon migration, the superadmin was created thru the xf installation (username: admins with userid:1 ).

in phpbb originally theres a superadmin also name: headmaster with userid 2

now i made headmaster an administrator and added the userid to library/config.php

$config['superAdmins'] = '1,2';

now my question is, Why the

Moderation Queue and Reported Items in header not showing in headmaster account?


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by default the superadmin (main account created during the installation of xf)
will show the "Moderation Queue: and Reported Items: " in header right?

thats what happening in my 2 xf sites migrated.


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The default Super Administrator account (ID 1) is also defined as a Moderator.

In your case you made user ID 2 an Administrator but you didn't make them a Moderator.