XF 1.4 Moderation Queue Access Issue

I have moderator, administrator, and super administrator rights on the forum and yet when I click on the 'update moderation queue' button after selecting posts to delete and approve, I receive a 403 Forbidden error, stating: 'You don't have permission to access /community/moderation-queue/save on this server.'

What status do I need to allow myself the ability to update the moderation queue?


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That sounds like a server issue rather than a permissions issue. Are there any errors in the server errors log?


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Contact your host and inform them of the issue.
It sounds like a mod_security problem and they will need to whitelist the offending rule.
So far my host has been of no help. They don't understand why I can't access the moderation queue. There are 500+ old posts in the queue that I can't access, but I am able to see new ones that go into moderation. Even though I can't access them through the queue, I am able to delete/approve them under New Posts.

Amaury, I do have server errors. I've started a different thread on that issue here: XF 1.4 - 'Too Many Connections' Errors.