XF 1.2 Moderation Questions

I have moderator essentials added on, but we have yet had to have to moderate anything. We have done a few little test runs on some things. I know there is a report button on posts as well. I just figured out where that went and I like it!

Trying to wrap my mind around the moderation end of things here...

So I got "Report" down... but it seems as if this is NOT a tool a mod should use themselves, only members.
I also tried rejecting a reported thread, but it didn't do anything but send an alert to me telling me it was rejected. It didn't delete it or anything?

I guess I still need my "Threads/Posts moved to Moderation Queue" private forum still up because there we can at least get the thread off the forum if need be to be discussed further. I hit "select post" and then clicked on "Unapprove Post" and then it said it was "awaiting moderation before displayed publicly." I then show a little "1" at the top left where it says "moderation" and then it gave me the option to "do nothing" "approve" "delete" -- So I deleted it, and it was gone.

So maybe there is no need for discussion on a thread that is obvious it needs edited, removed from public view, deleted, etc. So maybe I am overthinking my "Threads/Posts moved to Moderation Queue"??? I mean threads could always be MOVED to it if it was a bad one that was pulled from the forum but still be discussed by the team??

Years ago on my old forum would sometimes get into REALLY passionate feelings and heated topics that sometimes we would have to figure out keep it open? close it? edit some of it? remove some of posts but not entire thread? this sort of thing... so this is why I am trying to figure out the tools on XF so I can know how to tell my team the best approach on handling situations.

Also, I notice we have a "warning" section in the admin cp? But where oh where or HOW would one go about giving out these "warnings"????


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Rejection is just that, you reject the report, not the post. If you move a thread to the moderation queue, you are removing it from public view. If you'd like to discuss it, either report the post (all moderators can comment there) or create a separate thread in a designated forum. Deleting from there is an actual delete, not placing it back in public view. Approving will place it back in public view.

For warnings you should read through this:

As for how you want to handle deleting topics, a multitude of approaches can be used, it depends on how you want to run it and what works best for your team. There is however, a checkbox next to each post that will allow you to perform functions on select posts. This may also be of help to you in moderation:

Hope that clears up most of your questions!
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We (mods/admins) actually use the report option quite a bit ourselves when we want to draw attention to something. It's much easier that way verses creating a thread.
Hey guys, I just watched read the entire section about giving out warnings, where to see the warning as it replaces the "report" button because I would have privileges to use it. I have checked, double checked, and triple checked my settings and permissions... I watched the ENTIRE video... I have "warn" NO WHERE. All I show is report. I even switched back to the regular 1.2 xenforo skin to see if it was a style issue. -- is this a found bug maybe? I will send a message to my tech guys to get in to my system to make sure all is correct, but I have checked off all the boxes to allow warnings to be given etc.


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Make sure you have set yourself to have the following permissions (and haven't set Never on them for any group in which you are apart of):
  • View Warning Details (General Moderator Permissions)
  • Give users warnings directly (General Moderator Permissions)
  • Delete all warnings (General Moderator Permissions)
  • Give Warnings on Posts (Forum Moderator Permissions)


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Hm, its definitely a permissions issue somewhere if its not showing in the default or your custom style. Are you in more than one group (Default set up has the administrator in 3: Registered, Moderator, and Administrator)?
No, I am only in one group... Administrator... beside my name in the admin cp when looking at admin users it says "Super Administrator" as well.
I will check back in tomorrow, about to go to bed. I also alerted my tech team... maybe they can go in there and find SOMETHING I missed.


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XenForo permissions are hard to grasp, if they find nothing, send me a PC with login details and I will gladly look for you.


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Freddie, if the permissions are there, the necessity of adding yourself as a moderator isn't needed. The logic checks for either an administrator or moderator with the necessary permissions.
OMG!! talk about STUPID. that would be me. You were right. The majority of conversation is mods because my forum is so new. So I was doing settings, refreshing and looking, but didn't look at REGULAR members!! I just did and Warn is there! I guess I wasn't even thinking about it and was so tired of trying permissions that I ASSUMED no matter who had permission to use them they'd be there for everyone. The thought never crossed my mind!
Well crap, what I typed actually linked some of my words... let me try it this way...
[url=[/url]{title} ...
Is what I could visually see in the video... so if someone wouldn't mind telling me what code to use to insert a thread that a user has been warned on.
Here's what my default template for inappropriate content has:

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