XF 1.4 Moderate all threads before publishing


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By entire forum I presume he means all forums on the site.

In which case, set the 'Follow message moderation rules' permission for the Registered user group to Not Set (No).


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That would apply to all replies though. The only way to really do just threads would be to check that option for every forum.

Recep Baltaş

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In the node's options, select this: "Moderate new threads posted in this forum."
Thanks. Found it. Is there a global setting for this ? I have to select it for every forum I think. Anayway, it is better... At least I can customize as some forums does not need this setting.

Thank you for your help.

Recep Baltaş

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OK. We are now fully moderated. But this brought one drawback with it. When a topic is moderated after an hour, the topic remains at bottom thus making it obsolete and unseen. The thread does not get any reply.

Is it possible to put newly moderated topics to top ? Like they were posted at the time of moderation.


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Can you please advice an SQL query to run to have it applied in all forums?
To moderate all threads in all forums run this sql query.

UPDATE xf_forum SET moderate_threads = 1;
To moderate all posts in all forums run this sql query.

UPDATE xf_forum SET moderate_replies = 1;