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Brent W

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Is this just for threads or for all replies to threads? If the latter, this should be broken into two options, as I just have a forum where I want to approve all threads submitted to it but allow all replies to that thread to go through without moderation.
This would be useful for a club I'm making a site for. They utilize this format for their marketplace. The thread has to be approved by a moderator and then we're all free to reply without moderation. *except with you it's in reverse lol*
Site doesn't work for me
Same here, that site isn't up at all for me.
In fact, this is the root, which the images aren't showing either.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30; URL=">
<body bgcolor="#000000">
<a href=""><img border="0" src=""></a>
<font color="#ffffff">
404 File Not Found
Ah, when I went to that hosting site, our firewall blocked it saying it was porn? :eek:
The link you are accessing has been blocked by the Company Web Content Filter because it contains content belonging to the category of: Pornography

Wouldn't that be posted on xf as well?
I thought that site was just to demo some of the products xf has.
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