Mod re-write

Is it safe to totally remove the mod-rewrite stuff (i dont need to maintain access to any imported vb url's).

My issue is i've added an old locked copy of vb to a sub directory of the main forum directory, but mod re-write keeps buggering it up.

So ideally i'll just run without it, but wanted to check i wasnt going to break anything else ?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
XenForo uses a single very simple rewrite rule, which translates as the following:

If the request does not point to an existing directory, file or symlink, load index.php.

That's it. If you have access to a rewriting server, which most people do, there is no measurable performance penalty for employing such a simple rewrite, so there is no reason whatsoever to choose the non-rewrite version (that includes index.php in the URL) unless you can't use URL rewriting.