XF 1.3 Mobile problem since upgrade to 1.3.5

Mr Lucky

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A user on my forum has reported this issue:

I'll be typing a post, keyboard disappears, screen goes brown and no way forward. Pressing back and then reloading the thread usually works if I wait a while, but never immediately. I usually lose quite a bit of the post - up to the last draft save.
(NB: brown screen = background colour of the style is brown)

Phone's a Sony lt30p, running Android 4.3 Chrome and Firefox. NB: he says Firefox has always been a bit problematical, but since the upgrade the issue is on Chrome.

Can anyone help please?


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Well if it's just for one user then it will be local to them.
So it will be a browser/device/ISP issue.

Mr Lucky

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I have only had one user mention it (so far) I don't know how many other users may have just got fed up and stopped using the forum, especially if they find it difficult writing a post.

Mr Lucky

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However I have since had several more users complain., not just mobiles. Emptying cache sorts it out , but the users don't know that or why they should have to.

Is it normal for people to have to empty their cache afte an upgrade for the forum to work properly? I've never heard of that before.