Confirmed Tabbed Smilies Problem Since Upgrading to XF 1.5.16

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I noticed since updating to xF 1.5.16 yesterday that the tabs for smileys don't always show when I click the smiley button in the quick reply box. The tabs show for a split second and flash off the screen. It only seems to happen in the quick reply box if you click the smiley button first button before typing any text. Same problem on both of my forums. I'm using Windows 10 and IE11.


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I can confirm that this happens, though it's not related to 1.5.16 -- I can reproduce it in 1.4. It looks like it's just triggering an IE render bug though, as simply resizing the window resolves it (or adding enough text to expand the editor). It's also specific to the editor not being "activated" yet, so it really only applies if you click the smilie button before focusing the editor.


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Strange that I never noticed this until I upgraded to 1.5.16. I thought it was something on my end causing it so I appreciate you confirming this.