As designed Mobile only shows the last breadcrumb

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Mr Lucky

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I am presuming this is a bug, or else there must be an option somewhere to show the hierarchy

It's epsecially annoying, you land on a resource discussion from a notification or link, and don't know if it's an xf1 or xf2 addon



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This is intentional, as I believe the change in style should indicate (the "<" arrow instead of the standard ">").

This is part of the responsive stylings, so if you wanted to change it, you'd need to change the point at which it kicks in via the CSS.


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In the app_breadcrumbs.less template, the @xf-responsiveNarrow section at the end controls this. You could either change that width or (more likely I guess) remove it. Note that it's more likely that you're going to see breadcrumb wrapping then; this is a replacement for the "..." breadcrumb approach of XF1.


Did anyone find a solution here? I'd like to have the complete breadcrumb path in the mobile view - at least as "much breadcrumbs" as there is space left.
I also tried to change the width in line 80 of the app_breadcrumbs.less - but that doesn't help.