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XF 1.2 Missing Rich Text Editor Icons


XenForo moderator
Staff member
If you have a custom style it is highly likely that it will not work in 1.2 and will require updating. If the style is from a third party, ensure there is a new compatible release before you upgrade otherwise you will need to wait until the author releases an update.

There are some new and updated images so if you have a custom style directory you will need to copy those to the relevant folders.
They are:
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\xenforo-ui-sprite.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\magnifier.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\editor\icons.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\widgets\style-preview.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\permissions\edit.png


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The "my-style" directory is your custom style directory. You'll need to upload it from the default styles directory.