Misreading smilies text to images


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So I have a feeling I misread smilies at times.

For instance, :P to me doesn't seem like it should look like :p
Usually, I use :P when I mean "you're trying too hard", "that doesn't really make sense" or "sigh, I don't like what you're talking about, but whatever".

Does anybody else have trouble sometimes reading smilies in a different fashion than they were meant or intended?


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Not really. The most common smiley text replacements are absolutely easy to figure and distinguish esp the common abbreviated ones. When you start going into the more custom made smilies then text replacements are obviously harder to get right especially when letters and numbers can only convey so much. Normally, and often than not, my custom replacements are always :happy: or :irate: so it's easier for me to remember what simlies I wish to use rather than click in the editor (which is what I normally do to select a smiley).

I'm quite sure I misunderstood your post but seeing as it's buried down on page one I will be the one to respond and make myself look foolish. :p