XF 1.1 Text to Image?

Hey, wonder if you guys can help me out at all??

Basically I run a promotion/service forum located here: http://promotionvault.net

I do reviews and packages and I have some star images I wish to use like this one :

However I don't want to copy and paste this link every time I go to use the image, i would much rather just type "star3" and for the image to appear once I've posted.

Could you set up a word censor that convers "star3" to

Somebody on another site suggested that, and it kind of worked, only issue was that it displayed as text rather than an image, can anyone help me out here ?
I don't want to rate the thread as such.

Basically what I want to do is, instead of upload a specific image every single time I post, I just want to type "star3" and for it to convert to an image once posted.
I may have found a simple way to do it for myself (deffo not the right way) I could just add it in as smilies? Is there a way that only certain members can use certain smilies??

A smilie would work, but you can't restrict it by group. But if it's an image then users can always use an IMG tag to call on the image, regardless of any group restrictions that might exist.

Here is a BB code addon you can use:

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