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Nicolas FR

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Hello, not sure if it's a bug but...

Take two photos A and B that we integrate into the body of the message via the attachment system: the first A integrates it in its original size, the second B you integrate it in the same way but you reduce it slightly with the tools that appear by clicking on it, imagine that we reduce it by only a few pixels.

Then you post your message. Both images appear well in the defined media category no problem so far.
On the other hand if you click on the photo A nothing happens, since it is integrated in original size it does not open in the lightbox. If you click on photo B the lightbox opens and you access the Media functionalities: comments, sharing, rating etc...

So for only a few pixels you cannot interact in the same way with the two photos.
If it's not a bug it's quite confusing. If I want to comment on photo A I have to go to the Media page while B I can comment on it directly from the message via the lightbox.
By the way this is not specific to mirrored photos, the lightbox never opens if the photo is published in its original size... but the consequences on mirrored photos are high.
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