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Minimum Post Length Enforcer - Ensures messages are a minimum length, with or without BBCode

This simple add-on allows you to define a minimum length for user messages. It includes an option to allow you to decide whether BBCode should be included in the message length.

This mod is useful to prevent spammy posts (where the 'Like' button could well have been used) and to stop people from using empty BBCode tags if they're getting clever. This also stops image macros from being used (a one-image reply with nothing else).

There's really not a lot to this mod, as you'll see now......

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Is it possible to limit the minimmun length for the first thread message only? Or - better - set two separate lengths for the first and for the other thread messages?
Can you please exclude special characters also?
My user's still bypassing this by all un necessary characters, like:
Hi @Alteran Ancient, thank you for keeping this addon alive! I've just installed it and it works fine with XF 1.2

I would have a request though; some of my users hit a few smiley buttons to avoid writing messages. Could we maybe do something about that? I imagine there isn't an ideal solution to this but a thought maybe to exclude smileys to count towards minimum characters?
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