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Add-on Minimum Number of Posts to Post Links in posts, threads&signatures

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Argh... I see... good point. I would have thought that Jaxels would pickup any type of spam listed on any profile itself, not whether the specific owner of the profile posted it or not.

Interesting point maybe for Jaxel to review his mod, if its only checking spam by the person on their profile, not spam in general on any profile!!!

With that in mind, I see your point then about adding profiles to this mod.

Maybe another solution is a simple permission in XF groups to not allow profile posts of any kind prior to x posts made?

Sadik B

Well-known member
I am really stuck here. Spammer's are having a field day on my xf forums registering and spamming other people's profiles. I am going to request borbole here to make the addition to his Mod.