Other Minecraft Voting System Website Link


Project Description:
I'm looking to create a system for Minecraft where a user can vote for our server community on a website like minecraftservers.org and earn credits on their profile on my website for their vote. They can then use the credits to purchase virtual things on our game servers. The idea is to make the players on our server community able to vote and receive items on all of our servers. Currently we only have the tools to allow vote rewards on one server within our network of servers.

Project Details:

- In-game plugin for Bukkit to set a specific key to link the website and the game together. (Used to execute console commands and link specific items from the voting shop to the specified server) The plugin should also have the ability to store items that weren't sent correctly because a user was offline and logs it until the user logs online.
-Xenforo add-on that works much like Enjin Shopping System, where I can specify the price of the item, an image to go along with the item display on webpage, specify the server I want the specific package to go to (Package 1: Creative Server...Package 2: Skyblock Server...etc), and the console commands executed after the item was purchased.
-Credit system that stores a configured amount of credits after a user successfully votes on a website that is added to their personal 'credit bank'. Obviously these credits work as a currency with the vote item shop and be stored via SQL.


- Understanding of the Bukkit plugin Votifier, Bukkit, and Java.
- Understanding of Xenforo software.
- HTML / CSS / PHP / SQL knowledge.

As I said this project is quite large, and I am willing to pay a 'pretty penny'. If you believe you can do this project please send me a PM.