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Hello. Later this month i'm maybe going to buy a XenForo license and therefore i'm wondering if there is a way to make XenForo website execute command(s) when a user register on my website.
Is there a Add-on for that? I was going to buy a license before but I changed my plans.


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Minecraft Add-ons can be found here:
(search resources for "minecraft" and titles only).

One of them may do what you are looking for. If not, you can request an add-on after purchasing.

I try that too

I'll be releasing an addon this week which does exactly that! When users register, you can set it to send commands via RCON to the server. If you want I can send you a PM when its done.

There is some info here on it - its a little outdated, but it'll give you an idea of what it'll do.
Awesome i will.