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Due to the winter storms across the US, Driven 2's office has been experiencing an Internet outage for two days.

I've been connected via a backup wireless cell connection, but it is congested and slow. Only emergency service tickets are being handled at this time.

I don't yet have an ETA for full service restoration. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some clients.
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We're back online 100% now (hope so!). Our upstream provider, when they originally restored a service outage, somehow assigned our static IP address to two different business clients. This was identified this morning and resolved. Its going to take much of today to catch up with clients and probably another couple days to get everything properly rescheduled.

I appreciate the patience that has been shown,
We hired Ken to do a migration from WordPress over to AMS on our website www.talkseafishing.co.uk. Everything went smoothly, and it's by far and away the easiest and most cost-effective migration we've done. Ken came up against a few snags he had to negotiate, and despite this, he got the job done in a fantastic time frame. Really happy with the work done and will absolutely be using the service again when we do other migrations in the future.
Ken just finished a big conversion for us from VB 4.2 to XF 2.2, he was even able to move all the old Photopost galleries and images over, as well as get Elastic Search installed on our server with minimal down time.

Great work for what I consider an extremely reasonable price.

Once the dust settles on this one, we will ask Ken to do our other forum conversion in the very near future.

Hi guys, wanted to also share my recommendation of Ken. He recently completed a major migration for one of my forums, moving from vBulletin 3.8 to XenForo 2.2. He took care of everything I asked (and more) at a very affordable price, converting our photo albums, our Thumbs Up plugin, etc. I will definitely be utilizing his services again. :)
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