XF 1.5 migrating XenForo Forum to new VPS host from Shared.

Sam F

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migrating XenForo Forum to new VPS host from Shared.

Hi I going to migrate my Xenforo forum from Hostgator shared hosting account, to Godaddy VPS hosting account.

The differences will be:

On Hostgator my websites and forum are “Addon domains” and have c-panel
My files are setup in folders.

On Godaddy my websites and forum have “Add separate accounts” and have c-panel
In godaddy I am using cPanel®, to create an Account in WebHost Manager (WHM)
On Goddady my files are in the root directory.

If I migrate my C-panel from Hostgator, won’t the directors be setup wrong?
Does anyone have experience in migrating Xenforo. I would need step by step instructions.


Sam F

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6. How can I move my installation to a different domain or host?

Backup the existing database and server files.

would that be all the files located in the forum folder?

migration files 1.jpg

Copy them to the new domain/server
would the be the root?

and update the library/config.php file with the new database details as required.
It may be necessary to set permissions for the data and internal_data directories to world writeable (CHMOD 0777).


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Based on your screenshot, everything in the 'forums' directory should be moved/copied to the web root of the new server, assuming XF is going to be served from the domain root rather than /forums.

Sam F

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maybe I should state the placement
it will look like the:


two other questions:
would there be any other files outside of the xenforo folder that would need to be moved?

and after the migration, would I be able to use the IP address in the URL to see if the forum is working before I make it live?

Thanks again