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  1. QuestionReply

    How do I migrate from MyBB 1.8.14. forum to XenForum 2.0.1

    I am here because I am in love with XenForo. I was thinking to migrate my forum from MyBB 1.8.14. forum to XenForum 2.0.1. Let me kindly inform that I have don't have XenForum Script as of now but I am thinking to purchase one, provided there is an option to migrate without losing data and...
  2. dimitrisx

    Thinking of migrating from vB4. A couple of questions.

    Hello. I run a greek forum with vBulletin 4 which looks terrible on mobile devices. I’d upgrade to vB5 but I know for sure it’s buggy, from a friendly forum that has gone through with the upgrade and after a year they're still having big troubles and think of migrating. Right now, I’m looking...
  3. Sam F

    XF 1.5 migrating XenForo Forum to new VPS host from Shared.

    migrating XenForo Forum to new VPS host from Shared. Hi I going to migrate my Xenforo forum from Hostgator shared hosting account, to Godaddy VPS hosting account. The differences will be: On Hostgator my websites and forum are “Addon domains” and have c-panel My files are setup in folders...