migrating to VPS host, a few questions

Alex - A2Hosting

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Why is payment via Bitcoin a must for most people. I don't require my host to offer that as an option and most people I know don't either. I realize PayPal isn't an option for most people but to say that payment via Bitcoin is a must isn't fair to say. It may be a requirement for you but it's not for everyone. I do agree with the other points in your post about software updates but also at the same time not every host offers MariaDB as an option and xF runs fine on regular mySQL yes it does run better on Maria but again not every host offers or supports it.
Ah, couldn't have said it any better. I agree with the list, a host should be on top of those updates, general monitoring etc but Bitcoin and MariaDB? No, every host has its setup and there are available alternatives: MySQL among others. As for Bitcoin, an easy no :).