Coming back to XF - A few questions.....


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Hey guys, old forum head here. (but haven't used one for several years)

For the past year we've been using Podia to host our course and now want to add a community.

They have one but it's nowhere as good as my beloved XF, so I wanted to check XF can handle the key features before we move everything on XF:

  1. Course Content: I can handle the course hierarchy as far as having a forum per module and thread per course (video) but is it easy to embed video within a post?
  2. Video: how easily can we post videos into threads/comments and have it quickly embed? Usually we reply to people in our Facebook group with video and it takes seconds to upload and plays very easier.
  3. Recurring payments: We want to set this up as a monthly recurring payment membership. We use stripe, we used to have to use "Amember" which was clunky at best, what should we be using now or is this function native now?

Thanks guys, so excited to be back here.


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Video can be uploaded directly to posts.

Upload and processing time will depend on the size of the video, connection speed, and server set up.

XF has always had recurring upgrades built in.
There are a few more built in payment processors now, including Stripe.