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I've gotten pretty big into health and fitness over the last two years and have been a member on a bunch of subreddits, Bodybuilding.com and other fitness forums. Every site pretty much has the same issues (IMO) where they follow and regurgitate a "one size fits all" approach which definitely doesn't apply universally -- especially to this guy that has had major back issues.

Not much going on with the site yet as I literally just put it together within the last couple of days, but the goal is to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for interactive, mature and intelligent discussion of health and fitness topics for youngsters aged 35-65. I feel defining an age range and setting a niche will help tailor the content and discussions of our membership base and steer clear of the traps the other sites fall into.

If any of you folks stumbling across this thread fall into that age range and are interested, please feel free to join and jump into the fun. I will definitely be looking for "experts" in the various topics to help out as well.


Anthony Parsons

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The seems nice enough. Friendly to navigation and visually ok.

For a new forum, I would be more proactive in posting replies onto introductions. You have a few new members, none of why you're conversing with and welcoming to the community, one on one, upon introductions. That will go a long way for you in building relationships with your members and making them feel welcome.

As a new forum, less is usually more. Less forums make those that exist, look busier, thus motivates more discussion.

I would combine your getting started and help, feedback forum into one.

I would get rid of supplements, because there are supplements that are part of nutrition, part of diet and weight loss and part of bulking. Let people talk supplements under the more specific categories that their supplement relates with.

I would get rid of strength training, as that is really part of weight lifting / body building already.

Just my personal opinion from experience. Less is more starting a new forum unless those forums are very much specific and required for use. You can always bring in new forums later, based on what is getting posted in current forums. That approach is usually the best way when starting out, so you have less, but busier forums. Busy forums motivates members to chat more.