What should I add to my weight loss and fitness website?


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A few questions...
  • What other sub-forums should I add?
  • Color scheme? Images/logos ideas?
  • Website resources! What do you think I should include? I was thinking a page at the top for BMI calculator, a column off to the right side for health recipes
  • Any other fun ideas or cool design features you would recommend? Other resources or threads for the mental health sub-forum?
Thanks :) I'm a novice at webpage building and kind of scrounged it together, but I really feel like this will make a nice community <3

Dixie McCall

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Hello and welcome!
All of your questions can only be addressed by you and what you would like to offer your members. You will change it many times as you go and that is normal. Just try not to add too many forums at once for new forums. Your subject has considerable redundancy throughout the web so you're going to have to create something really special and inticing. Best of luck to you. Let us see what you have so far. :)