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Microsoft Surface

a legacy reborn

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I think that I'll wait for the next update to the ASUS Transformer. But anyways, which version of the surface do you have? I heard that the RT lags when typing(esp. in Microsoft Office.)


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This is a 32GB. I'm not the fastest typist so any lag is not seen. But I'm mainly using this for reading websites.

Let me tinker with Word and see if there is a noticeable lag.


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umm the screen looks bigger and they say is heavier than the ipad, but I will love to hear your feedback
what were you doing in the past 3 hours? browsing the net, playing game or watching videos


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The portrait is far better than the iPad. I've been doing updates, transfer of over 500 images from iPhone to Surface. Mainly spent the time surfing sites, written a blog post, and going through twitter.

Weight factor is offset by novelty. I'm sure it would be annoying after awhile.

Went through Netflix but did not watch a full movie.


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I'll probably get a Pro when they come out, if it doesn't run my standard apps, it's not useful for me. But they look really nice, I'll be keeping up on real world reviews of them until the Pro.


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The tablet version of the Ultrabooks look better, 12.5 screen, faster processor, more connections, better keyboard, better screen resolution. Only drawback on the Ultrabooks is 5 hour battery life but some, like Sony, offer an additional wafer battery add on that jumps it to 10 hours. Sony is $1,200 loaded with 6GB memory, 128GB solid state drive, extra battery.

It looks like Surface Pro is going to be in the same $1K price range but smaller, less resolution, less battery time.

Shame about the lame Windows RT8 graphics. You'd think they'd try and compete with IOS and Android on the tablet interface.


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It looks like Surface Pro is going to be in the same $1K price range but smaller, less resolution, less battery time.
The difference is deciding if a device is for consumption or for creation. Not all hardware can be for everyone. The RT is for most users of computers. They don't need fancy. They just need mobility. The Pro is for those invested in legacy software. It's more for those trying to create. I cannot comment on price of the Pro because I do not know. After all, the economy may tank again and so I couldn't afford one at even $5 :)

Anthony Parsons

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I think tablets are being ridiculous with pricing, as notebooks are now cheaper than tablets... because tablet sales have surpassed notebook sales / about to surpass, depending on country. Go figure.


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The difference is deciding if a device is for consumption or for creation.
The problem is there is little difference as someone maintaining their various social networking sites is a tagged a "consumer" but spends a lot of time creating content, writing, editing and posting pix.

Not all hardware can be for everyone.
The iPhone and smartphones in general were created and have succeeded based on the opposite market view, devices that do everything. People didn't want to be carrying a phone, PDA and iPod. Same for having a tablet and a laptop and desktop. Consolidation of devices has been the trend for the last 10 years. The Surface and the Ultrabook tablets are logical end point. One device to rule them all.


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Oh - and just for fun - I hooked up a Wacom tablet through the USB and was able to digitally ink in Word.
Samsung Series 7 Slate...ftw Wacom digitizer included :) <----I love mine....

  • CPU/ Processor
    Intel® Core™ i5-2467M Processor
  • Memory
    4GB Standard System Memory
  • Display
    1366 x 768 HD LED backlit
  • Storage
    128GB SSD (mSATA)
  • Graphics
    Intel® HD Graphics 3000
  • Dimensions
    11.66" (W) x 7.24" (H) x 0.51" (H)