Microsoft Silverlight required

Digital Doctor

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Using Chrome:
Tried to stream some Olympics ....


It is ? Really ?
WTH for ?

Should I install Silverlight ?
Isn't that kind of so 2009 ?
Why would someone use Silverlight ? Microsoft paid them ? They didn't take HTML 5 classes yet ?
Will I run into this alot ?

Brandon Sheley

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Silverlight is being phased out but several sites still use it.
Yes, you can install it.
It's similar to a flash player.

Adam Howard

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Silverlight was actually discontinued by Microsoft, but it still very popular because it has Digital Rights Management protection built right inside. And a lot of the time prevents people from recording what is on their screen (showing up a black, green, or blue box when you try).

So I'm not surprised The Olympic games took this route.