Add-on Meta Keywords in Header?

Brad Padgett

Well-known member
Does anyone know of a simple add-on that allows you to put the meta keywords in the xenforo header? Kind of how vBulletin 4 has this built in already.

It's really great for SEO if you can simply put the keywords in the header of the page. Without them you attract far less attention from search engines.

This is not a custom request. But if there is an add-on already made I'm willing to pay a small amount for it if it does cost money.

Thank you.

- Brad

Brad Padgett

Well-known member
XenForo has a template called PAGE_CONTAINER which is where the <head> of the html5 document is.
You can add your meta tags to it there. That should do the trick.
Wow I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try this out.