XF 1.5 "Messages have been posted since you loaded this page" not always working

Mr. Jinx

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I got some complaints about the feature that should check if someone wrote a new message, while you are replying on a thread.
The way it works now, is that it only checks when a draft is saved but this does not seem to be enough.

My forum saves a draft every 60 seconds. It happens quite often that within those 60 seconds someone wrote a reply and this feature misses the new reply.

Wouldn't is be more logical to add another check at the moment when you submit a message, and warn if there are new messages during your reply?
(this is how it worked in SMF).

Or the auto check frequency should be adjustable, separated from the draft save.
The reason I don't use a lower value for draft saving is because it looks annoying and you get nervous while typing.