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Improvements to "Messages have been posted since you loaded this page"

I got some complaints about the feature that should check if someone wrote a new message, while you are replying on a thread.
The way it works now, is that it only checks when a draft is saved but this does not seem to be enough.

We are coming from other forum software which had a different approach. It would check for new messages at the moment you submit your post.

I think a combination of this would be ultimate:
  • Check for new posts in the thread every x seconds. This should not be the same as the save-draft frequency, but a custom interval so you can use a much lower value.
  • Check for new posts in the thread at the moment you submit your posts. At this point you should see an overlay telling you about the new posts and give you the option to continue writing (and see the new posts) or just continue saving.
This way you will never come in the situation where someone else wrote a reply while you where typing, without getting notified about it.



Well-known member
Yes, it's weird that we still have to find out that we posted the same as others . While there's a function that checks for posts submitted.
That is what I thought too. First I contacted support because I thought it was a bug, but they said this is by design and I was advised to put it over here in 'XenForo Suggestions'.
I was a bit amazed though, this should be core forum stuff and I never expected this kind of basic things would not work correctly (from a user perspective).


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Before I switched over to xenforo I tested out IPS3 for a year. After the switch it was a surprise that xenforo doesn't have this functionality fully implemented like IPS3 had years ago.