XF 1.4 Message counter issue ??


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I have an odd issue.

I had a member join and post 3 messages and yet his profile counter only says 1 message posted ?

I thought it might need the counters updating but this was last night and i assume the cron jobs would have updated it by now.

How can this be ? is there a known issue ?


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I can see the three messages when using search (although it did take 30 seconds to complete).

Are all of the cron tasks running?

Which add-ons do you have installed?


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The counter should be updated with each post. It's hard to say in retrospect why it wouldn't have registered properly. Add-ons can definitely be involved, particularly if it's happening to a number of users or consistently.

You can edit his message count in the admin control panel to be correct and keep an eye on it.