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Fixed Merging users results in reports about merged user being deleted


Well-known member
I merged two user accounts together and then a report about the user who was merged (the source user) disappeared.

I haven't checked the database to see if the report is actually still there (just not visible via the UI), or if it really has been deleted.

This is v1.4.10

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
When I just tried to reproduce this myself, the reports that used to belong to the source user are now in the name of the destination user. This is what I would expect to happen.


Well-known member
Yes, I would have expected that as well, but the report disappeared.

I've now confirmed that the report is still in the database, but it cannot be loaded, trying to load the report ID directly ( /reports/### ) returns an error "The requested report could not be found." - even though the report is definitely in the database.

I've managed to reproduce this - it specifically relates to reports about profile posts made on a user profile that is subsequently merged with another user. The reports become unloadable.

Steps to reproduce:

1. create new user UserA
2. create new user UserB
3. create a profile post (from any user) on UserA's profile
4. report that profile post on UserA's profile
5. merge UserA into UserB

The report created in step 4 becomes unloadable and no longer appears in the list of reports.

The profile post that was reported still exists - it is now shown on UserB's profile.


XenForo developer
Staff member
This is fixed now (in 1.5), thanks. Any reports where this would have been triggered before will become visible after the fix is applied.