XF 1.2 Merging can only be done by hand.

I have a custom style with modifications that I exported from XF 1.0
I upgraded to XF 1.2 and installed the style.

I go to Outdated Templates and see all the modified templates with a "Merge Changes" link. Clicking on it gives me the following error:
"The custom template is out of date but has been edited more recently than the parent. Merging can only be done by hand."

When I try to Automatically Merge Changes, nothing happens.

Can someone explain how I can manually merge the changes if it can't be done automatically.


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Template merging is not designed to be used with importing an old style. It is designed to be used with upgrades.


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Your templates are still there. Create a test installation, install your style, upgrade it to 1.2.4, update the style, export the style, import it into your live site.


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Note that the changes between 1.0 and 1.2 are very significant. While merging may do the right thing, it may equally not help at all. Depending on the style, it's certainly possible that it will need to be somewhat redone.