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With the times as they are just now I wonder if the site owners have considered selling xenForo merchandise to help increase revenues for themselves.

You could save yourselves time in design by setting competitions for designers to submit their ideas for various merchandise prospects, the prize winner could win say one free sample of the merchandise they made a design for, nothing flashy see.

The idea came to me while I was playing around in photoshop this morning (couldn't sleep) with some t-shirt designs just for fun, they aint the sort of thing you guys would want I know, but there are a very large number of rather talented designers on this site, many waiting to help you guys out where they can, rally your resources guys. :)

I wont post my t-shirts play things here, if you want to see them they're on my DA graphic demo's gallery.


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I think is a good idea. I suggest also Xenforo to do a official XF merchandise to T-shirt, cups - and others little gadgets is a good idea for increase the revenue for devs (against the lawsuit problems...:-( ), and for branding.