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(Hopefully my last question before purchase)

Regarding the ability for members to download attachments...

I know that I can create a user group and restrict those posts to certain board members in that particular user group, however if there are a lot of attachments being posted and different members have access to different attachments I will be forever creating groups to handle user accessibility.

Is it possible that if I (or another member) post an attachment and want to restrict that attachment to certain members on the site that attachment has download rights and those are granted to each member at the point of uploading the attachment by adding members to the 'attachment group' (for want of a better expression)

I post an attachment and via a drop box (or similar selection process) all site members are listed and individually I can allow access to the attachment download

Member 2 -yes
Member 3 - Yes
Member 4 - No


Hope I am explaining myself clearly, I just want to avoid creating 4 or 5 different user groups each day and adding members to each on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, attachment access is controlled through permissions. This isn't something that can be set per attachment. You can set permissions on specific users, both at the global and node level, though user groups are more "inspectable" -- if you look at the groups someone is in and they're in "attachment downloaders", you know what that means; if you apply the permissions to the user, it's more difficult to know the full extent of those permissions.

I'm not clear on what your specific use case here is. Can you explain a bit more about what you're trying to achieve?
I understand what you are saying, but the individual user permission would be a global 'you can or cannot download attachments' access, I wanted to see if it could be drilled down further to individual attachments without resorting to creating groups for each attachment.

Thanks very much for your timely response.
The permissions system is not that granular that it can be applied on a per attachment/user basis.

It would require custom development to achieve that.
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