XF 1.2 Members Registering With Server IP Address


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Can anyone help please, i am seeing an increase of people joining my site but there ip address is showing as my server ip address, does anyone know what could be causing this problem please?


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Well after me being told this had been fixed, its hasn't. He even has said "well the other websites on the server are ok" so really dont know if its a XenForo issue :s


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XenForo uses whatever comes through in $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] -- this comes directly from whatever is executing PHP (FastCGI server, Apache, etc). If they're doing a reverse proxy, then yes that may change the IP given to PHP. You should be able to demonstrate this trivially with a simple PHP info file (<?php phpinfo(); ?>).

You can override this in config.php if the original IP is actually forwarded in other header, but you shouldn't have to if it suddenly appeared and your host changed something -- ideally they would sort it.