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Hi, I have noticed when i use the recent activity as a guest, only posts from me the admin appears.
When logged in i can see all posts by my members and mods.
I have checked this with the default template and still the same.
Is there a permission somewere i have click on for this behaviour.

Thankyou :whistle:

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I cannot reproduce on my installation or Yet they are running Stable version.

So I guess it's a modification or an option.
Also try upgrading first, maybe it has been fixed?


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It's a profile setting - Privacy: Receive Your News Feed

If not set to All Visitors then guests won't see any posts from those members.

Check the default registration settings in the ACP.


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Oops! I assumed you meant which query.

That's an SQL query which you have to run on the database.
Do you have access to phpMyAdmin?