XF 1.1 Members Online Now block disappeared from forum_list


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I accidentally added a 1.2 mod to my forum, and then removed it. Around 30-45 minutes later, I realized that my "Members Online Now" block disappeared. I've checked to see if <xen:include template="sidebar_online_users" /> was included in my forum_list, and it is.

Anyone have an idea as to how I randomly removed this feature? Thanks!


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I tried to install the regular Advertisement Manager & the Digital Point advertising, but they both caused an error because I believe I had the incorrect version. When I removed the incorrect versions, I later noticed that my "Members Online Now" was missing.


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what style are you using, does it have an option in style properties to disable online users?

some styles such as razorthemes styles have this option

maybe its that


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That doesn't appear to be the issue, either. It has something to do with the Widget Framework, because I disabled the "clear sidebar" & the old one came up. What should the "template" be for the "Users Online Now" widget in the WF add-on?